Graphing Calculator

for Macintosh, Windows, & iOS

Graph functions in two and three dimensions, explicit, implicit, or parametric. Graph inequalities, contour plots, density plots and vector fields. Use rectangular, polar, cylindrical, or spherical coordinates. Solve equations numerically, graphically, or symbolically.

"Graphing Calculator is one of the best examples of elegant power and clean user interface of any application I've seen." - Bruce Horn, creator of the Macintosh Finder.

Two dimensions
Three Dimensions
Complex variables
Coordinate transformations
Coordinate Systems
Numeric Solutions
  • Solve for zeros of any curve
  • Find intersections of curves
  • Identify minima and maxima
  • Evaluate numeric expressions

Symbolic Methods
  • Very easy to animate objects
  • Slider to explore curve families

Other Features
  • Graph multiple equations
  • Define functions and variables
  • Trigonometric and logarithmic functions
  • Floor, ceiling, min, max, mod

Features only on Macintosh and Windows

Graphing Calculator Lite

for Macintosh

Graphing Calculator Lite is a smaller, simpler, lower-priced version of Graphing Calculator 4.0.

Click here for the Graphing Calculator Lite features.

Graphing Calculator Lite is available only on the Mac App Store.

Equation Calculator

for Macintosh

Click here for Equation Calculator features

Equation Calculator is available only on the Mac App Store.

Feature comparison
GC LiteGC 4.0GC on iOS
Symbolic computation
Simplify expressions
Evaluate derivatives
Numeric integration
Drag algebra
Complex numbers
Create web pages
Create movies
Matrix operations
Vector operations
2D Graphs
 Implicit relations
 Graph derivatives
 Graph integrals
 Parametric curves
 Contour plots
 Density plots
 Color maps
 Vector fields
 Differential equations
 Coordinate transforms
3D Graphs
 Implicit relations
 Graph derivatives
 Graph integrals
 Surfaces of Revolution
 Parametric Curves
 Parametric Surfaces
 Vector fields
 Differential equations
 Coordinate transforms
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